About Masjid Al-Aman

Masjid Al-Aman started from a single-family house in early 90’s; and now our masjid has become “the biggest Mosque built from the ground in NYC”. The great idea of building a community, and a place to pray together was envisioned by Bangladeshi descendants immigrated in early 50’s 60’s 70’s & 80’s. Masjid Al Aman Inc. is a place of worship, a landmark of communities in the surrounding neighborhoods of East NY and Ozone Park area. Open every day to Muslims for 5 times daily prayer, Jumu'ah on Fridays, Muslim holidays (Eid) and community events.

Masjid Al Aman also provides numerous servcies for our commmunity such as , Nikha service, Quran classs, Hifz Program and various edcuational services.

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